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Personal Enlightenment: Interactive Coaching By working with the written word, Interactive Coaching becomes an intuitive method of coaching and one that will become the norm as people are looking for alternative, convenient and affordable methods of coaching. The coach uses the power of Interactive Coaching to empower the client to take control and become accountable of their own success.

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MyHub. Some people feel the only and best way of coaching is 1:1 coaching, but this coaching method has it's limitations, many people are concerned with the idea of talking to a stranger, opening up, feeling a sense of being judged and even embarrassed. Then of course you have the time issues of getting together with the coach. We all have busy lives so whenever an appointment is made it never seems to be the right time.

With Interactive Coaching all these fears are set to one side, and although you know the coach is there on hand and responding to your work, the fact that you are writing down your thoughts, goals, fears, and dreams very quickly you forget the "stranger" and pick-up on your "feelings" giving much deeper responses, in a shorter period of time.

Each hub has the essential MyLife - life map & GROW model built within, so although you may be working on a specific topic with your coach you can also ensure your life is balanced by working through these powerful coaching tools.

The programs enable you to work at your own pace, you have access 24/7/365 anytime, anywhere in a safe and secure environment. The programs are designed to keep you on target and focused, these are fun, simple yet with lasting and powerful results. You have access to a daily journal and by Sharing your work with one of our professional, qualified accredited interactive coaches, you will receive responses from your coach creating coaching rainbows, giving even greater insights to creating the life of your dreams. All our programs have been created by the best coaches and mentors in the industry. Although this is self coaching you can at anytime request the assistance of an experienced and qualified coaching or mentor.

Each program is designed to guide you through a process that will empower you to create the life you have only dreamed of until now. GRAB this opportunity to take control, live YOUR life - Life a GREAT life.


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