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"The initial 'feeling' of the virtual coaching program was of reluctance, to actually have to write, was a major block for me and I have heard this is the case for others. I was extremely conscience of writing the wrong words, misspellings, grammar and not being able to make myself understood by my coach. Initially you will find that you will `play` with the system - just to see what happens. Then you will find, you forget everything and just concentrate on YOU. When did you last do this? Just you, your desires, your dreams, your frustrations and your future.

You will be swept away with the words within your mind. You will become in touch with your inner self - your Guardian Angel. This Coaching Hub is so incredibly powerful, as you are not talking to anyone other than yourself. Once you start to write you will not be able to stop, no one will interrupt your thoughts, no one will pre judge, you will be astounded as to the outcome - I was! This coaching hub encourages you and enables you to get clarity, focused, with clearly defined and achieved goals. It is a terrific personal development tool. The programs keep you on track. You will have access to material that assists your journey. Encouraging notes and then of course should you find a real block, one that you just can not move forward from, you can consult an expert coach at any time. Communicate with your coach through the Interactive program or 121 and when that block is clear, you can go back and enjoy the online self coaching program again. I have been told many sites offer this service but not like this".

This is unique: coaching at it's best


"I have been coaching since 1980 I was asked to try this New concept of "Virtual Coaching" from MyHub. I could not believe how deep this system makes you think as a client. Because of this I was keen to try the system as a coach and this just blew me away. "Interactive Coaching" is a totally different experience; I could actually read between the lines. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey that both I as a coach and my clients were going through.

People opened up like I have never seen before, they are able to break through barriers that had always blocked them like shyness or feeling unworthy or embarrassed. With the MyHub and the "virtual coaching", this barriers simply disappear.

During the Interactive Coaching my clients were commenting on how they were writing things that they have never told anyone before and because of this we were able to address the "Real Issues". I would strongly recommend you take advantage of the FREE GREAT EXPECTATIONS program - this is a terrific program to get you started on your personal Coaching journey. " Robert

Coaching Hub

Coaching Programs
Coaching Programs
MyHub has all your coaching and mentoring needs in a box. We have free coaching programs, self coaching and mentoring programs. We have pdf's and video's for you to add to your Hub and enhance your coaching experience.
Online Coaching
Online self coaching enables you to be coached at anytime, anywhere. Each program is designed for you to be able to plan and design your life as you wish it to be.
Online coaching journal
We encourage everyone to work with a journal, this is a critical part of the coaching process. Your MyHub has a journal for you to work with, to revisit and record your thoughts, feelings and desires.
Coaching & Mentoring Support
MyHub gives you total control over your coaching. You can choose to work on Self or Interactive coaching programs confident in the knowledge that one of our expert coaches or mentors are ready to offer support and guidance.
Coaching Program Cerifications
Some programs even carry a certification upon completion. These are for the more specific coaching programs on specific areas of your life and business.
Online Coaching & Mentoring
Coaching & Mentoring
We have qualified Interactive Coaches and Mentors on hand whenever you feel you are in need of reaching out and needing help or guidance.

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