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By combining powerful coaching tools, skilled coaches and the internet we give you a unique coaching experience.
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Our Mission

We believe everyone deserves the right to coaching. To be empowered and grow to their full potential. We believe that coaching should reach out of the boardrooms and large organizations and be available to everyone. We searched for ways for people to access life coaching and mentoring regardless of the limited budget or country. Our Goal was to make coaching accessible and affordable.

Staff at MyHub
We have the coaches, we have the clients and now we have the means "MyHub". MyHub is a coaching and mentoring platform that delivers empowering coaching programs directly to you. The programs range from free to high value. We have ensured there is something here that fits your needs and budget.

We have been hard at work creating the best online life coaching programs possible, these coaching programs are fun, inspirational, motivational and simple - with incredible lasting results.

An enlightening experience I felt it was like speaking with my guardian angel!, no dreams I couldn't dream...
WOW! I have been practicing what
I now know to be the art of Self Coaching for almost 25 years, and yet, the increase in my effectiveness as a result of using this platform is incredible. Robert Rendle...